Introducing The Worrier

By Chris Dempsey LM64

The loose translation for Ishkabbible is "I should worry," and for this carver, with the wrinkles behind the eye and the scrubby looking beard, this character looks very road weary; hardly someone with no worries. For this reason, I chose the name "The Worrier." I purchased the first example online in January of 2013. Before the auction had ended, I had already located the matches for this coin. The second coin pictured was found in Steve Alpert's Guidebook, and the third coin was sold in the 1997 OHNS auction number five, lot number seven.

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The carving characteristics for "The Worrier" are listed as follows:

  1. "Ishkabibel" misspelled in front of the face in the field.
  2. Profile altered in front of the eye.
  3. Simple derby and straight brim.
  4. Plain hatband with an "M" shaped bow.
  5. Simple straight collar.
  6. Simple lines cut to simulate crow's feet behind eye.
  7. Hat detail, hair, and beard are cut using a line tool.
  8. Simple, small ear comprised of a "C" with a small notch in the center.
  9. Indian's braid faintly visible on neck and collar.
  10. Date and LIBERTY left intact.
  11. Known carvings by "The Worrier" appear on early dated nickels.