Introducing Up-Ender

By Art DelFavero RM552

Carver and collector Owen Covert made an incredible $55, hobo nickel, eBay purchase in early February of 2006. About a month later the coin was offered for sale for the price of $300. Knowing that it was well worth the money, I stepped up to the plate and took the deal. Seven years later I noticed a match while looking through part of Candace Kagin's collection at the 2013 F.U.N. show. Both coins were promptly featured in the "Three's a Match" section of BoTales. In late 2013 another match surfaced via eBay. O.H.N.S. Vice-president, examiner, and collector Marc Banks came up with the winning bid of $295. This find has completed the criteria for naming, so I now introduce to you, The "Up-Ender."

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The carving characteristics for "Up-Ender" are as follows:

  1. A derby hat with turned up hat brim ends.
  2. Unique asymmetrical bow adorns the brim on hats.
  3. Nicely shaped and hollowed out ear.
  4. Engraving, punching and sculpting techniques utilized.
  5. Profile extremely re-worked.
  6. Collars and shoulders are formed.
  7. Eyes (punched), lips, and nostrils accentuated (on two).
  8. Field areas are nicely dressed.
  9. LIBERTY remains intact.
  10. Accent lines are used on brim shoulders and collar.
  11. Hair on forehead.
  12. More than likely on 1913 nickels due to the sharpness of LIBERTY (One has date remaining, one on type one).