Introducing V'Neck

By Fred Avan RM908, Arturo DelFavero RM552

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I purchased the first example of the carver we're naming “'V'Neck” in an eBay auction in early February of this year. A week later I found a match to my acquisition on page 40 of the Hobo Nickel Guidebook by Stephen Alpert. This second example is a two-sided carving but the obverse demonstrates the same diagnostic characteristics as the example I obtained on eBay.

No sooner had I found the matching carving in the Hobo Nickel Guidebook, when Art DelFavero, who had seen a photo of the nickel posted on the OHNS website, contacted me that he had found a third carving specimen in the OHNS authentication archives. That nickel is the 1926 dated nickel shown below and was submitted by an OHNS member for quality designation in 2003.

The carving characteristics for “'V'Neck” are listed as follows:

  1. A high crowned derby setting low on head with curved brim and hatband with rectangular bow and vertical lines.
  2. Derby's brim touches back of shirt collar.
  3. Carved hair with thin extension from beard to forehead below hat brim.
  4. Detailed ear.
  5. Punched beard.
  6. Point graver mustache.
  7. Date and LIBERTY remain.
  8. Finely lined tall shirt collar with fancy front.
  9. Wedged jacket collar.
  10. Enlarged nostril and notched nose.