Introducing W S Nose

By Marc Banks RM538, the late Art DelFavero HLM552

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What started as a joke is now a new nicknamed carver thanks to my buddy Art DelFavero. I called Art and told him I had found a match to his classic carving by known carver William Sharples. I should note that presently Sharples is the only classic period carver we can put a face to. This simple carving (1) depicts a man with chin whiskers composed of triangular-shaped (knife point) punch marks and wearing a worn looking derby. The unknown carver gave this comic looking character a squinty eye and a downward turned lip. Most distinctive are the modifications made to the nose. The only thing this carving had in common with Art's superior carving by Sharples were his initials "W. S.". A short time later, Art had the last laugh when he sent me a photo of a carving from his collection (2) that had distinctive nose and all the other major characteristics of my "poor man's" Sharples nickel. Recently, while browsing through the coins from the Don Haley Collection, Art located the elusive third, more detailed match to our carvings. Art and I decided to nickname this carver "W.S. Nose" after the initials on Example 1 and the unmistakable nose on all three carvings.

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Only known carving and photo of classic carver William Sharples.

The Carving Characteristics for "W.T. Collard" are listed as follows:

  1. The artist has manipulated the metal to create a nose resembling a phallic symbol.
  2. Derby hats with simple bands and slightly turned up brim ends.
  3. Hair and beards formed by what is typically referred to as knife carved. No moustache is present.
  4. Small, juvenile, and poorly positioned oval shaped ears on two examples.
  5. Modified eye; eyebrow added.
  6. Extreme alterations have been made to the profile, forehead, and a divot in front of the eye, aforementioned nose, and enhanced lips.
  7. Examples 1 (neck also reduced) and 2 have simple, high collars. The collar on Examples 3 has a small fold at the front.
  8. The fields are nicely dressed with LIBERTY removed to create a partial cameo effect.
  9. Dates are not visible.