Introducing W T Collard

By Arturo DelFavero RM552, Fred Avan RM908

In February of 2017 Fred Avan purchased a classic era hobo nickel engraved with the name W.T. Collard in the field above the head. This specimen displayed a bearded man wearing a hat and smoking a cigarette. I quickly realized that I had two matches, one smoking a cigarette, the other not, and neither with the additional engraved name added. Clearly all three were executed by the same artist even though they were variables of the same subject. I had purchased one in 2011 (smoking) and the other in 2014. Fred and I kicked around various nicknames but ultimately, we decided on the artist added name.

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The Carving Characteristics for "W.T. Collard" are listed as follows:

  1. Nicely cleaned and burnished fields.
  2. LIBERTY removed on all three
  3. Derby hats with curved pointed end brims and hat band with matching bows.
  4. Head and facial hair created with beading tool or circular punch
  5. Two are smoking cigarettes with smoke added.
  6. Nose blunted on end and mild profile alterations evident.
  7. Small engraved ears that are touching or close to hat brim.
  8. Tall collars with similarly formed lapels that reach the rim.
  9. Mouth alterations.
  10. Cleaned neck area.
  11. Deliberate back and shoulder area added.