Introducing Wrinkles

By Don Wolfe RM981

The first coin of this carver has been in my collection for a few years. I was able to purchase the second coin from Owen Covert when I saw the distinctive resemblance to the coin I already had. I talked with Art DelFavero about the coins and sent him pictures. He was able to locate a match for the third one. After looking at the coins, I decided that I liked the name “Wrinkles” because of the lines in the face are so similar.

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The Carving Characteristics for “Wrinkles” are listed as follows:

  1. High domed hat with the brim that comes to a point at the front and back. The brim may or may not have horizontal lines cut into it.
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  3. The hat band does not have a bow but has horizontal lines cut into it for shading.
  4. Liberty and dates are still on coins, but various dates were used.
  5. Hair and beard are punched.
  6. Profile is altered at the bridge of the nose.
  7. The collar is comprised of two slightly curved but parallel lines with interior lines cut in for shading.
  8. The ear is in the approximate center of the head and has the center cut out.
  9. The field has been smoothed.
  10. And of course the wrinkle lines cut into the forehead, at the corner of the eye, and at the side of the nose and mouth.