Archie Taylor Scholarship

OHNS Announces YN Scholarship

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Archie Taylor Educational Scholarship Guidelines

A scholarship has been created to honor Archie Taylor, a champion of the Original Hobo Nickel Society (OHNS) and a strong campaigner for the art of carving nickels.

A scholarship in the amount of $1,000.00 will be awarded annually to one applicant meeting the qualifications stated below. The scholarship will be awarded to a new recipient every year providing the funds are available and/or $500 in years when the $1000.00 in funds are not available. The scholarship is to be funded by monetary donations and coins donated for auction at the annual OHNS Auction in January of every year. Those coins that are donated specifically to fund the scholarship will be featured in a separate section of the catalog. The Kagin’s Numismatic Educational Foundation (a 501c3) will augment existing funds to ensure that the annual scholarship will be a minimum of $500.00.

The committee will make its recommendation to the Board for the final decision and vote.

The criteria for this program may be amended by the OHNS board after consultation with the existing committee by a vote of two-thirds or a majority of the Board.